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  Director: M. Sayeed Alam Writer: Salman Khurshid Language: Hindustani Cast: Tom Alter, Niti Phool, Harish Chhabra and others Duration: 105 minutes Sons of Babur, written as a drama by Salman Khurshid and translated into Urdu by author Professor Ather Farooqui is the first ever play on the era and aura of the Mughals. The audience effortlessly […]


One on One Part II

Rajit Kapur’s remarkable personality has injected a burst of life into many a role in Indian cinema that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. He added his own flourish to characters such as that of Detective Wadia in Roy and that of public prosecutor Vipin Patel in Guzaarish, amongst many others. His attraction towards theatre, the […]

Old World Theatre Festival 2015

Old World Theatre Festival 2015 at Epicentre

“Art is a means of intensifying and enjoying life, it’s the greatest tool of self discovery, and hence you should make an attempt to be a part of theatre at least once in a life time. It is immaterial whether you take part as an actor or an audience as both is incomplete without each […]

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