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USA, Iran and Afghanistan wind up the last leg of Ishara Puppet Fest at Epicentre!

The last phase of Ishara International Puppet Festival winds up with the best of puppet theatre from USA, Iran and Afghanistan. If you haven’t been able to catch the previous performances, then make sure that you watch the last three plays; we saved the best for last! On 11th February, meet a host of colourful […]

India, Sweden and Russia all set to display their unique art forms at Ishara!

On 8th February, watch India’s entry in the 14th Ishara International Puppet Festival- Dinosaur (Musical/40mins) by the Katkath Puppet Trust. The story is about a T-Rex egg that gets separated from the nest. The baby dinosaur that hatches does not know that he is a T-Rex and starts to desperately look for his mother. Instead, […]

14th Ishara International Puppet Festival commences at Epicentre!

  The 14th Ishara International Puppet Festival opens exclusively at Epicentre on 5th Feb with a play all the way from the land of the Pyramids, Egypt. Featuring belly dancing queen Cleopatra, a zany clown, a kooky musician and a handsome prince on his horse on a quest for adventure, Puppet Got Talent (English and […]

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