Comedians: Neeti Palta, Radhika Vaz, Sanjay Rajoura, Manan Desai
Produced by: Invision Entertainment

Language: English, Hindi

Duration: 110 mins

The Ghanta Awards (or simply ‘The Ghanta’) is an award ceremony wherein renowned personalities from the film industry are felicitated in recognition of the worst in Bollywood. The term Ghanta, which literally means bell, is used in its more irreverent forms (we’re sure you guys can relate!). The ceremony, typically held around the same time as other popular Bollywood film awards, is hosted by stand-up comedians of repute (this year, Neeti Palta, Radhika Vaz , Sanjay Rajoura and Manan Desai will do the honours) and is interspersed with sketches mocking the worst film of the year nominees.  Some of the other categories include- WTF Was That!, Controversial Controversy, Worst Dialogue, Worst Brand Endorsement, Worst Couple etc.

The Ghanta Awards are your chance to give back to Bollywood for what they did to your Movie evenings. Vote online here:

Our film community takes The Ghantas quite sportingly if past events are anything to go by with some personalities in regular attendance throughout the years, although most winners do not collect their awards in person. Major props to Sonam Kapoor (Mausam/WTF Was That) and Ritesh Deshmukh (Grand Masti/That’s Anything But Sexy) for showing up though!

The awards are usually held in Mumbai but this year, the quirky show also travels to Delhi. You don’t wanna miss this epitome of entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!

Date: 8th May 2016

Time:  7:30 pm

Tickets at Rs.500 available at the venue or book online:
Suitable for 18 years & above

Jeeveshu- Unabashed/Uninhibited/Unapologetic!

 Comedian: Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Language: Hinglish

Duration: 60 mins

Stand Up Comedy at Epicentre Gurgaon

Jeeveshu is known as tall, dark and handsome…oops short, fair and cute in the comedy world. His comedy career began as an extension of his antics at a mundane desk job. His humour is derived from observing everyday conversations, quirky monologues, peculiar situations and some eccentric friends. Endowed with a rare snappy sense of humour and a vivacious flair for comedy, Jeeveshu has risen notably from a novice to an audience favourite across all ages.

His umpteen stage shows have received coverage in most leading newspapers such as Indian Express, Times of India, DNA and Deccan Chronicle and with good reason. Often called ‘Salman Khan of the Fat World’, after being diagnosed with Monday allergies, he quit his teenage (16 year old) job and walked away to do stand-up. Three years later, he’s happier bringing roaring laughter to thousands than lecturing a corporate smartass!

Catch this quirky character as he tickles your funny bone this weekend at Epicentre! Book Now-

Date: 7th May 2016

Time:  7:30 pm

Tickets at Rs.500 available at the venue
Suitable for 18 years & above



Summer Workshops at Epicentre

Summer Workshops at Epicentre


Planning to make your child join the same old hobby class this summer? Warning: They already know that much, it’s time to evolve! This summer, give your little one the chance to learn something new as well as showcase it to a distinguished audience on our platform. Epicentre brings to you a wide range of summer workshops spread over May and June to expand your kids’ horizons with expert training in theatre, paper jewellery, ballet, chess etc. Enroll today for the perfect summer adventure!

The workshops being conducted are as follows:

Speech & Drama Programme – Adventure Island (4-7 years)

Focus on Confidence, Expressions, Language, Speaking, Imagination, Creativity, Life skills and Social skills using Interactive Storytelling, Impromptu Drama, Role plays, Voice Exercises, Communication and Confidence building modules, Art & Craft, Interactive games and more!

Speech & Drama Programme – Lights, Camera, Action! (7-12 years)

Uses Communication exercises, Impromptu Drama, Preparing & Performing a skit, Role Plays, Voice & Speech Exercises, Interactive Games and activities to improve life skills like Listening, Asserting, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Theatre Workshop 1 (7-15 years) by Thespian Theatre Company

 Equipped with a team of experienced faculty, stalwarts of the field and regular guest lecturers, Thespians promise to deliver not only proficiency in the art but also counsel and consult based on the child’s individualistic needs.  Culmination of the workshop will be with an improvised play.

SPECIAL ATTRACTION: One Guest lecture by the Legendary Bollywood actor ASRANI.

Theatre Workshop 2 (6-10 and 11-14 years) by Imran Khan from I-Entertainment

Aims to make children confident to be able to voice their thoughts in an independent manner. Focusing on an exploration of the self, the workshop motivates children to use their imagination in creating new ideas, enabling speech clarity, body control, teamwork etc. using theatre games, storytelling, improvisation, music and movements, art and puppetry etc.

SPECIAL ATTRACTION: Kids Production on ­­­­­­8th June in the Auditorium @ 7:00 pm

Discover Your Creativity With Quilled Paper Jewellery (7+)

Rediscover creativity with KaagZevar’s 10 day workshop wherein participants will be taught how to design and create their own wearable quilled paper jewellery – necklaces, pendants, ear studs, ear rings, headbands and finger rings.

Ballet Workshop (7-12 years and 13+) by Imperial Fernando Ballet Company

Aimed at providing the very finest dance training to any child or adult who seeks to experience the wonder and the fun of dance.

Advanced Theatre Workshop (8-12 and 13-16 years) by Barry John Acting Studio

Exploring Energy (5-9 years)

Children explore different forms of energy – understanding of what energy is, as well as the different types of energy using a variety of exciting toys.

Chess Workshop (6-13 years)

Conducted by Mr. KC Joshi.

 Radio Jockey Workshop (9-12 years) by Storyghar- Jaishree Sethi

Participants will understand the process involved in hosting a radio show, build team spirit and work on techniques like voice modulation, role play & dramatization. Takeaways: Fundamentals of Sound, Understanding Radio, Finding your voice and Recording, Radio Presentation and Writing for Radio.

SPECIAL ATTRACTION: A Radio Station visit on 25th June

Creative Writing Camp (7 – 10 & 10 – 14 years)

It is designed to help children express themselves through written language. Creative, engaging and thought-provoking writing exercises will set their imagination on fire.

With so many exciting options to choose from, we’re sure your kids will be spoilt for choice!

Find more details here:




Directed by: Rajesh Tiwari

Produced by: Research Unit For Stage Tools (T.R.U.S.T.)

Language: Multilingual

Duration: 75 mins

Truck is a one-woman performance of the memoir of a truck, who tells the story of human life and society’s inhuman practices in the context of suffering of innocent women.

Travelling is the best way to know the world. The truck travels every corner of the country, so it has many stories to tell. The play focuses on male-female relationships in the perspective of our social, religious and family practices.  The protagonist or the storyteller is a Truck, because when we talk about male–female relationships, we need to understand the vulnerability of human emotions about companionship and ironically, the truck always symbolizes this vulnerability of the driver through its decorative danglers, parandah and other womanly motifs.

Catch this riveting production featuring 20 major characters, 5 minor characters and 9 different dialects- all by one woman- exclusively at Epicentre this weekend!

Date: 23rd April 2016

Time:  7:30 pm

Tickets at Rs. 350 & 250 available at the venue. Book online-

Suitable for 12 years & above



Kuchh Ishq Kiya Kuchh Kaam



Directed by: KK Kohli

Language: Urdu/Hindi

Duration: 100 mins

Theatre enthusiasts are in for a double treat this weekend; Dara Shikoh on Saturday will be followed by Kuch Ishq Kiya Kuchh Kaam on Sunday! A play based on the life and poetry of the romantic revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, it focuses on the persecution the iconic poet suffered at the hands of his own country’s (Pakistan) establishment and his imprisonment on the trumped up charges in the Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case.

Faiz was the Editor of Pakistan Times, Chairman of its Art Academy and a major poet of the Progressive Writer’s Movement. Along with Kaifi Azmi, Ali Sardar Jafri and Sajjad Zaheer, Faiz was messiah of the oppressed people all over the world. The play brings out his struggles, his romances, his optimism and above all his poetry that is considered a hymn for awakening of the oppressed classes.

Experience the formative years of this legendary poet exclusively at Epicentre.

Date: 17th April 2016

Time:  7:30 pm

Tickets at Rs. 500, 300 & 200 available at the venue. Book Now-

Suitable for 12 years & above



Directed by: MS Sathyu

Produced by: Impresario Asia

Language: Urdu/Hindi

Duration: 110 mins

The play, considered a modern classic, explores the life and times of Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Emperor Shah Jehan, who translated the Upanishads into Persian. Dara Shikoh is not just the story of a historic betrayal. It is the story of the eldest son and heir apparent to Mughal emperor Shah Jehan, a great visionary, a man who understood the depth of Indian civilization with an evolved race by taking and advocating the spiritual route, which is the bedrock of Indian civilization. It is also the story of the great man’s betrayal and his brutal end brought about by his fundamentalist brother Aurangzeb.

The play avoids the palace intrigues and concentrates upon Dara’s Sufi leanings as also upon his translation of the Upanishads into Persian. The story of Dara Shikoh’s life re-asserts the message that the composite culture of India cannot afford fundamentalism of any kind. Unity lies in diversity.

Catch this riveting Mughal-era production exclusively at Epicentre this weekend!

Date: 16th April 2016

Time:  7:30 pm

Tickets at Rs. 500, 300 & 200 available at the venue. Book Now-

Suitable for 12 years & above




Writing and Direction: Neel Chaudhuri

Production: Tadpole Repertory

Cast: Abantica Das, Anannya Tripathyi, Andrew Hoffland, Anirudh Nair, Ankit Pandey, Anomita Sen, Bikram Ghosh, Devika Rajpal, Kriti Pant, Rahul Tewari

Language: English/Gibberish/Non-verbal

Duration: 90 mins


Based in Delhi, The Tadpole Repertory is a collective of theatre practitioners committed to producing and promoting new and inventive work in the capital. Since its founding in 2009, the Repertory has become known for its distinctive approach to stage work. The group is dedicated to presenting original writing and devised text performances on subjects that are relevant and compelling to audiences today.

In a short span of time, Tadpole has come to be associated with a high standard of writing, a versatile and rigorous approach to performance by the actors in the Repertory, minimalist and elegant stage and lighting design, and a unique employment of ambient sound and original music. Their latest production- A Brief History of the Pantomimes boasts of the same and more!

The play is a fantasy about a community of people who decided not to speak in their daily lives. It presents scenes plucked out of their imagined history, coloured by their biographers. From a Chaplinesque encounter of an old man finding love in a park to the desperate efforts of a group of refugees to stay warm on a winter night, the stories pull us into a strange and silent world. Eventually we are confronted by the question: is such a thing even possible?

Find out at Epicentre this Wednesday!

Date: 13th April 2016

Time:  7:30 pm

Tickets at Rs. 400, 300 & 200 available at the venue. Book Now-

Suitable for 12 years & above

WEEKEND THEATRE WORKSHOP by Tejii’s Transparency Filmart

Weekend Theatre

Weekend Theatre


Duration: 9thApril – 15th May 2016

Days: Saturday and Sunday
Time: 10 am – 12 noon
Fees: Rs. 7,500/-

If your child is inclined towards theatre or has a flair for the dramatic, then this workshop will go a long way in expanding his/her horizons, not just in the field of theatre, but holistically. Tejii’s Transparency Filmart is a group of people working towards the overall development of children in India through an interesting interactive medium-theatre. The instructors use both English and Hindi -whichever suits the student’s preference- for they are well versed in both.

For them, theatre is about expression or a basic human need to create meaning through narrative and metaphor. In the classes when children act out real or imagined characters or events, it brings them together as a team; it develops the way they look at cause, consequence, conflict. In effect it helps influence what values they inculcate from role playing.

Takeaways-The classes develop sharp attention, quick mental shifts and nimble language skills. As the instructors involve children in all the stages of putting up a production, there is theme building, script writing, dialogue development, stage blocking, sets, lighting etc. They learn what it takes to be onstage and behind in the production, on camera and off camera with important life lessons along the way.

Tejii’s brings a fresh approach to motivation by encouraging everyone to de-clutter their mind of pre- set notions. Enroll your child for a fun-filled journey today!

Lillete Dubey’s GAUHAR @ EPICENTRE!

Gauhar at Epicentre

Gauhar at Epicentre


Director: Lillete Dubey

Writer: Mahesh Dattani

Cast: Rajeshwari Sachdev, Zila Khan, Denzil Smith, Anuj Gurwara, Danny Sura, Gillian Pinto and Parinaz Jal

Language: Eng-Hindustani

Duration: 135 mins (with 15 mins Interval)


GAUHAR traces the story of one of India’s first mass media superstars at the turn of the last century. An Armenian Christian who later converted to Islam, Gauhar Jaan was a naturally gifted musician with a wide repertoire. Hers was the first Indian voice to be recorded in 1902 and during her life, she cut close to 600 records with her fame travelling as far as Europe with her face emblazoned on matchboxes and postcards.

GAUHAR lays bare her life with all its attendant myths, legends and folklore. In Mahesh Dattani’s own words – “The emphasis is mostly on the complex relationship she had with her mother Malka Jaan, a poet who groomed Gauhar from the age of six. Also, her reaching out to her Armenian Christian father who abandoned them when she was five is integral to the telling of her story.”

Gauhar’s lifestyle and feisty nature symbolize the indomitable spirit of the resurgent women musicians of her time and definitely merits a watch. Catch the play exclusively at Epicentre for the perfect start to your weekend!

Date: 8th April 2016

Time: 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm
Tickets at Rs. 2000, 1500, 1000 & 750 available at the venue. Book Now-

Suitable for 10 years and above

Holi Ke Rang, Phoolon Ke Sang @ Epicentre!

Date: 22nd March

Time: 7:30 pm onwards

(Outdoor Event | Ample Parking)


Holi at Epicentre

Holi at Epicentre

Still deciding which terrace party to go to for Holi? This year, you have the chance to try something hatke. Residents of Gurgaon are in for a treat! We at Epicentre have curated the perfect combination of live music, dance and food to make your Holi celebration a unique and grand affair. Gurgaon is all set to celebrate Holi in a way that it never has with the visually mesmerizing Phoolon Ki Holi.

Phoolon Ki Holi brings to you a traditional way of celebrating Holi, just like it is celebrated in Awadh and Braj and with equal splendor. Apart from dance performances by artists from Mathura and Vrindavan and ‘Holi ka Dahan’, a unique menu that includes traditional taste bud ticklers like Thandai, Dal Pakodi, Aloo Tikki etc. is part of the grand celebration too.

Artists from The Charkula Arts Academy, regular headliners at local and international cultural fairs, will ensure that the entertainment quotient doesn’t dip and will end the evening on a high note.

Cover Charge Rs. 200/- (Includes entry ticket and F&B worth Rs. 75.) Contact Aditi at 9990303802 for more details!

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