WEEKEND THEATRE WORKSHOP by Tejii’s Transparency Filmart

Weekend Theatre

Weekend Theatre


Duration: 9thApril – 15th May 2016

Days: Saturday and Sunday
Time: 10 am – 12 noon
Fees: Rs. 7,500/-

If your child is inclined towards theatre or has a flair for the dramatic, then this workshop will go a long way in expanding his/her horizons, not just in the field of theatre, but holistically. Tejii’s Transparency Filmart is a group of people working towards the overall development of children in India through an interesting interactive medium-theatre. The instructors use both English and Hindi -whichever suits the student’s preference- for they are well versed in both.

For them, theatre is about expression or a basic human need to create meaning through narrative and metaphor. In the classes when children act out real or imagined characters or events, it brings them together as a team; it develops the way they look at cause, consequence, conflict. In effect it helps influence what values they inculcate from role playing.

Takeaways-The classes develop sharp attention, quick mental shifts and nimble language skills. As the instructors involve children in all the stages of putting up a production, there is theme building, script writing, dialogue development, stage blocking, sets, lighting etc. They learn what it takes to be onstage and behind in the production, on camera and off camera with important life lessons along the way.

Tejii’s brings a fresh approach to motivation by encouraging everyone to de-clutter their mind of pre- set notions. Enroll your child for a fun-filled journey today!

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