USA, Iran and Afghanistan wind up the last leg of Ishara Puppet Fest at Epicentre!

The last phase of Ishara International Puppet Festival winds up with the best of puppet theatre from USA, Iran and Afghanistan. If you haven’t been able to catch the previous performances, then make sure that you watch the last three plays; we saved the best for last!

On 11th February, meet a host of colourful characters that all children know and love in Little Red Riding Hood (English/45mins) from USA. Paul Mesner Puppets presents the tale of Little Red accompanied by a collection of American folk and traditional rhymes. Join Georgette, the First Lady of the Paul Menser Puppets, as she introduces Little Red, Miss Suzy and her baby, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Little Miss Muffet, Old McDonald, Barnaby the Dog, and Mary Had a Little Lamb.

USP: Performed with beautifully crafted glove, rod and hand puppets!

This will be followed by Water and Others (Musical/45mins) from Iran on 12th Feb which touches upon a vital environmental concern in an entertaining manner. Mr. Foot is looking for a drop of water for his precious flowerpot but there’s none to be found due to a drought. Everybody’s fighting over a water bottle but little do they know that it’s actually empty! Just as Mr. Foot is desperate for water to save his flowers, a miracle happens.

USP: A magical, fun-filled adventure bursting with catchy music, lots of quirky characters and plenty of bite!

 The last play of the annual Ishara Festival is a presentation from Afghanistan on 14th February- Hans In Luck (Hindi, Urdu, English/60mins). After seven years of working hard, young Hans plans to visit his mum but at every step of his journey, bad luck befalls him. He keeps trading the gold that he got from his boss for one thing or another, each time foolishly believing that he has made a fantastic and clever deal. As Hans seems to lose everything he has along the way, will he ever be lucky and reach his home and mum safely?

USP: The well-known German children’s folk tale presented through creative hand puppets and actors.

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