India, Sweden and Russia all set to display their unique art forms at Ishara!

On 8th February, watch India’s entry in the 14th Ishara International Puppet Festival- Dinosaur (Musical/40mins) by the Katkath Puppet Trust. The story is about a T-Rex egg that gets separated from the nest. The baby dinosaur that hatches does not know that he is a T-Rex and starts to desperately look for his mother. Instead, he lands in the midst of a hungry Raptor pack!

USP: Dinosaur is a non-verbal show and uses puppets that are human size or bigger. These puppets are extensions of the puppeteers’ bodies.

Regarded as Europe’s finest specialist in Bunraku, master puppeteer Thomas Lundqvist brings to Indian shores for the first time the most popular puppet show in Sweden-VARIETY (English and Gibberish/40mins) on Tuesday. The show includes comedy episodes with the mad physician Doctor Schwindelfrtz, a Pulcinella like character (a classical character that originated in the commedia dell’arte form of theatre) and his clients, oriental belly dance, dancing skeletons and more. Expect riotous malarkey and fits of laughter all the way through.

USP: Different techniques like string marionettes and bunraku puppet along with the only fire eating marionette in the world!

Russia’s most famous and oldest puppet tale is brought back to life in Petrushka (English/45mins)! Get ready to be transported to the colourful and cheerful atmosphere of the traditional Russian fair, where our hero Petrushka is being naughty and rude to everyone around him with his loud and ridiculous voice. Will the rascally puppet stop behaving badly, learn some manners and find his missing sweetheart at the fair? Find out at Epicentre!

USP: A musical and visual delight incorporating hand puppets!

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