14th Ishara International Puppet Festival commences at Epicentre!


The 14th Ishara International Puppet Festival opens exclusively at Epicentre on 5th Feb with a play all the way from the land of the Pyramids, Egypt.

Featuring belly dancing queen Cleopatra, a zany clown, a kooky musician and a handsome prince on his horse on a quest for adventure, Puppet Got Talent (English and Musical/40mins) is a unique celebration of the folk tales of Egypt.

USP: a scintillating Sufi dance on stage incorporating puppets in a delightfully unique performance!

This will be followed by Bravo Bravissimo (Multi-Musical/60mins) from Italy on Saturday. The story is based on legends and fairytales from all times and places featuring kings and queens, witches and wizards, enchantments, dragons and talking animals that were a part of our childhoods.

USP: A phantasmagorical Carnival – starring actors, puppets, rag dolls and animated figures in a sequence of amusing, poetic, thrilling events.  

 Behind my House (English/50mins) from Switzerland provides a perfect finish to your weekend! Catch the Swiss adventures of Pim, Pam and Madam Paulette as they attempt to follow the orders of the Governor of the Grey City. Pim and Pam revel in chaos while Paulette introduces her secret weapon.

USP: plenty of knockabout action but also laughter and tenderness.

 Be sure to grab your tickets for an entertaining weekend!  Book now- http://goo.gl/6xYYiW



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