Watch SINGLE MINGLE at Epicentre

Director: Smita Bharti & Padma Damodaran

Produced by: Bhartiz Creative

Cast: Kitu Gidwani, Rituraj K Singh and Amit Dolawat

Language: Hinglish

Duration: 60 minutes

The life of an average middle-aged individual is in a flux today. Changing relationships, new jobs, new apartments and shifting friendships are just a few of the common issues that affect our lives in contemporary times. There are often moments when the constant struggle within ourselves and with the world around us fills us with angst and self-doubt. Questions such as ‘Am I making the right decisions?’, ‘Am I way past the marriageable age?’ and ‘Am I attracted to men or women?’ often plague us and force us to examine each and every action we take under a microscope.

Single Mingle takes you on an introspective journey through the lives of three best friends to explore the myriad questions that an average middle-aged individual is faced with on a frequent basis. Intense issues such as changing relationships, changing status quos and social taboos that dictate our behaviour are dealt with through a simple light-hearted story supported by some great acting performances.

Where then lies the answer to all these questions? Within or without? Find out exclusively at Epicentre this weekend!

Date: 30th Jan 2016

Time: 6:00pm and 8:30pm
Tickets at Rs. 2050, Rs.1550 & Rs.1050 available at the venue. Book now!

Suitable for 16 years and above.



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