Director & Writer: Sonu Sonkar

Produced by: Merry Go Round Entertainment

Language: Hinglish

Duration: 85 minutes

Roads in metropolitan cities, especially in Delhi NCR have become synonymous with traffic jams and traffic jams are the biggest test of one’s patience. Stuck in a seemingly never-ending line of stagnant vehicles surrounded by loud honking, we are bound to lose our tempers…or so it seems. Traffic Jam by Sonu Sonkar depicts this very struggle that vehicle-owners face almost every day.

The plot revolves around two fathers with two kids (each of the same age) who are stuck in a traffic jam. While one family is enjoying the time, the other with an urban lifestyle is doing the exact opposite. Then they interact. Watch what happens next exclusively at Epicentre this weekend!

This complete family entertainer features some memorable tunes and innovative formations and renditions by an ensemble cast of adults and children. It explores the human psyche and how sometimes even a simple task becomes an uphill battle. With a relatable theme and some stellar performances, Traffic Jam might just help to clear your head, if not our roads.

Date: 23rd Jan 2016

Time: 7:30 PM
Tickets at Rs. 350 & Rs. 250 available at the venue. Book online- 
Suitable for all age groups.



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