Director: Mahesh Vashistha

Produced by: Rang Parivartan

Language: Hindi

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 90 minutes

Rang Parivartan was founded in 2001 to bring depth to the theatre scenario in Gurgaon and has only gone from strength to strength from then. Over the years, the group has expanded to include members from all walks of life such as NSD trained graduates, college and school teachers, dancers, musician, writers, lawyers, social workers, students and educated unemployed youth. The collective effort that contributes to the quality of their performance speaks for itself. So far, Rang Parivartan has staged six plays in twenty shows.

Their latest offering, Aki promises to be another eye-opening experience that will compel you to contemplate the casualties of war. The play was initially written by Asghar Wajahat based on the sentiment of nationalism and Rang Parivartan’s rendition is a thoughtful story that examines the question-who pays the price of war?

Find out the answer at Epicentre!

Date: 22nd Jan 2016

Time: 7:30 PM

Tickets at Rs. 300 and Rs. 200 available at the venue. Book now! https://goo.gl/yqHpke

Suitable for 15 years and above

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