Jokey Or Nothing: Stand-Up Comedy at Epicentre

Date: 23rd December

Time: 7:30pm

Language: Hinglish

Duration: 70 minutes

Comedians: Aakash Gupta, Amit Sharma, Pratyush Chaubey & Srijan Kaushik

There’s nothing like a dose of comedy right in the middle of the week. Four comedians from Delhi come together to entertain the hell out of Gurgaon at Epicentre! Finding a humorous side in everything and everyone, they will target a wide range of topics from marriage and break-ups to clubbing and boozing.

The corporate audience in Gurgaon has proved to be intelligent, perceptive and broad-minded with more comedy acts being staged here as compared to Delhi in the past few months. With taxing work hours and the pressures of urban living, residents in the millennium city are gladly embracing stand-up comedy as a breath of fresh air.

Catch this mid-week treat to ensure that you laugh your way through to the weekend; Jokey Or Nothing will be staged exclusively at Epicentre, Gurgaon.

Tickets at Rs. 400 & 300 available at the venue. Book now!

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