Produced by: Kommune

Curated by: Roshan Abbas

Language: English

Duration: 90 minutes

Suitable for 16 years & above

The ancient art of storytelling formed a significant part of Indian culture in the past. Storytellers were often nomads who brought news from other parts of the world and many were commissioned by kings to bring stories of their valour and heroic deeds to the public. The oral tradition of storytelling was the most popular method of information transfer for many generations.

Today, face to face interpersonal communication has been replaced by digital communication and entertainment devices. The ease of use of social media and smartphones has made the overall process of communication a highly impersonal one. When was the last time that you didn’t look down at a screen and instead looked deep into someone?

The Storytellers is an attempt to bring us back to the basics, to build the bonfire that lights up our life with stories. Led by Roshan Abbas, each session will have a selection of speakers and 5 minutes to share a story. These will be real stories, real experiences and real feelings. Something that touched them, moved them or impacted them in a huge way. It might be something that they have never told anyone before. No props, no crutches. Real people, real emotions and a real connection.

Celebrate personal storytelling with 10 of our finest storytellers and stories from Delhi and beyond, at an incredible evening curated by Roshan Abbas.

Date: 16th December

Time: 7:45 PM

Tickets at Rs. 500 available at the venue or book online!

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