The Master Mentalist is back!


The MAster Mentalist is back

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making women disappear has been done to death. If you’ve been fascinated with magic and the art of creating illusions, then we can safely say that German mentalist Nicolai Friedrich will blow your mind, once he enters it of course. Watch the best mentalist in the world live in action exclusively at Epicentre, Gurgaon on 3rd November.

Part of the new generation of magicians, Nicolai’s shows are uplifted by his incredible stage presence –a charming mixture of mentalism, comedic talent and visual artistry. His repertoire contains precisely chosen classical magic tricks, reminiscent of the old magicians, as well as new creations which he himself developed and which are not performed by any other illusionist in the world. With the audience taking centre stage at all his events, not a moment goes by without the crowd gasping in amazement.

His special form of magic breaks the boundaries of traditional magic, leading his subjects to believe in the existence of the paranormal. With support from psychology, the art of suggestion, subliminal messaging, intuition and his magical talent Nicolai Friedrich is able to apparently read minds as well as to control and influence thoughts.

The audience gets a chance to participate in his acts like levitation, mind-reading and metal bending and to double check the objects he utilizes to ensure full transparency. You will be astounded as Nicolai makes you realize how your pre-conceived notions trap your cognitive abilities and will demonstrate how to break past them for a transformational experience.

Be a part of Nicolai’s beautiful spell which he casts on the millennium city and experience never seen before tricks that flirt with the fine line between the possible and the impossible.

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