Woody Allen’s Side Effects at Epicentre

Woody Allen at Epicentre


Woody Allen’s distinct style of story-telling laced with his trademark black humour leaves the audience with a mixture of satisfaction and dissonance. A three-time Academy Award-winning director, writer, actor and playwright, his unique films draw inspiration from his love life and his understanding of the fairer sex. One of the funniest writers of today, he redefined cinematic comedy during the 1970s, bringing a new measure of sophistication and personal complexity to the form.

Allen’s classic play Side Effects is a real treat for all those who know his work and for those just discovering it. Inspired by three of his wittiest stories ‘The Lunatics Tale’, ‘Retribution’ and ‘Remembering Needleman’, the Indian adaptation directed by Saleem Shah is a real delight.

In Shah’s version, ‘The Lunatic’s Tale’ is about a rag picker who was once a successful surgeon but whose extra-marital affairs brought him, literally, onto the road. In ‘Retribution’, a 24-year-old Parsi man from South Mumbai fears he might fall for his girlfriend’s sister after discovering her beauty. Thankfully, he doesn’t. But instead, he falls for his girlfriend’s mother! ‘Remembering Needleman’ is a hilarious condolence speech, delivered by a friend of the deceased Professor Partho Mukhopadhyay. Although Partho was a professor, his unusual interest in dental surgery brought a lot of twists in his life.

Even though Side Effects was written by Woody Allen in a completely different socio-cultural setting, this Indianized version is quite convincing with the actors’ desi mannerisms and relatable lingo. Grab your tickets to witness the marriage of Mumbaiya culture with Allen’s famous wit.

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