Transformers Cosplay Mania-Taking Entertainment To The Next level!




Optimus Prime has a knack for dropping out of the sky to save the world just when you’ve finally embraced the fact that the extinction of the human race is inevitable. Tell me that you haven’t hooted or clapped (or shouted hysterically!) at the magnificent leader of the Autobots saving billions of lives and I’ll know you’re kidding. Worshipped (okay, I might be getting carried away now but the excitement is intoxicating!) by children and adults alike, the knight in shining blue and red armour is the epitome of sacrifice and goodness in the Transformers series and perhaps with more humanity than many of us.

This October, we give all you Transformers fans an exciting gift that will leave you awestruck. What if you could meet a live Optimus Prime, a live Megatron and a live Bumblebee? It is going to be legend…wait for it..legendary! For the first time in India, we bring to you Transformers Cosplay Mania at Epicentre, Gurgaon on 24th & 25th October, an interactive theatrical show where Optimus Prime, his arch-enemy Megatron and Bumblebee (the cutest Autobot ever!) will come alive in front of you.

The perpetual inter-galactic battle between Optimus and Megatron signifies the fight between good and evil which forms the crux of our Dussehra celebrations. Against the backdrop of these traditional Indian festivities, the cosplay finds a higher relevance this month. A perfect blend of Indian values and international excellence, witness your favourite robots live in motion only at Epicentre.

Get a chance to meet your favourite movie characters resplendent in all their glory, like a scene right out of the movies! We look forward to seeing you there. Autobots…roll out!

 Watch the spectacle on 24th and 25th October!




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