OH MY SWEET LAND by Corinne Jaber

OH MY SWEET LAND by Corinne Jaber

Who better to reprise on stage the spine-chilling tale of the on-going Syrian civil war than Corinne Jaber, a French actress born of a German father and a Syrian mother? Interestingly, Jaber plays a woman with the same parentage in the play which is based on true events and experiences. Making use of her well-recognised credentials in the international theatre circuit, she has conceived an intimate and humane approach towards the armed conflict that has left more than 7.6 million Syrians displaced and turned over 5 million Syrians into refugees.

During her upbringing in Germany and Canada, the only connection she had with her country of birth was the Syrian food prepared in her home. This has also been touched upon in the play as the protagonist is seen making a traditional Syrian meat dish in her Parisian kitchen while recounting her search for her vanished Syrian lover Ashraf and the heart-touching stories from the countless refugees she meets on her journey. In fact, called a ‘must-smell’ play by The Guardian, the scent of frying onions which permeates Jaber’s narrative has been widely acclaimed as a gorgeous touch of lyricism contributing to the element of humanity in the play. “It is the scent of memory; the scent of a home she longs for, but has never known.”

Not one to play the heritage card, Corinne made sure that she interacted with more than 2 million refugees in the Syrian camps of Lebanon and Jordan to be able to empathize with their struggle, an act of preparation or ‘getting into character’ that few actors can boast of today.

Oh My Sweet Land (conceived by Jaber; written and directed by Amir Niza Zuabi) premiered in London in April 2014 to a packed house and has been making waves across the world ever since. Full of incidents that compel you to re-imagine the intricacies of the war as presented by the media, the play unravels in the form of reportage with a human face helmed by Corinne.

Brought to Delhi by the Old World Theatre Festival, this is theatre in its purest, most formidable form featuring raw talent which will leave you breathless.

Watch on 16th Oct at 7:30 pm. Book now! http://ow.ly/SMNSC



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