Artmart at Epicentre

Welcome to Gurgaon’s largest art exhibit ever! Spread over an expanse of 45ooo sq. ft. + exhibition space, Art Mart II, scheduled from Sept. 10 – 12, 2010, promises to take you on a whirlwind tour of the Art World!

Streamlining all possible avenues of Art- sculpture, painting, photography, murals, and others, into one exhibition space and presenting them under one roof, Epicentre at Apparel House promises to be a one-step destination for art lovers for the designated days. From professionals to amateurs to art advisors to curators to buyers to collectors to just viewers, anyone with the least inclination towards the visual arts- either from the view point of purchasing or just indulging your senses for the visual gratification of it all- will be found traversing this one hub of the Artosphere!

We have as a bonus, our tie-up with Africa this year. The hidden community of Sidi African-Indians who reside in none other than Gujarat are a unique lot with their joyful, spirited, foot-tapping dance. Also, known as the Black Sufis of Gujarat, this tribal Sufi community of East Africa origin came to India 8 centuries ago, and since then having made India home, they have kept their musical tradition alive, unknown to the rest of the world. Watching the Sidigomas perform is a rare opportunity affording an experience that stays with you. Their vivacious drummers, energetic dance, onstage chemistry, their very exuberance while performing- all transmit a sense of delight and positive vibrancy making one come alive and leave you feeling as having lived through a native African experience right in your home and hearth.

An additional section on African art exposes one to Art from Tanzania, curated by well-known artist and author Muzu Sulemanji from Dar Es Saalam. Other highlights include the Sculptor Courtyard with works by leading names of the Indian art world, a series of sports paintings by Baba Anand, a series of associated events ranging from an ‘Art Appreciation Course’, “Draw and Paint” workshop, “Snap it Up” Photography workshop, ’Face To Face’ for buyers with artists, ‘On The Spot Painting Competition’ for children, an Art Camp for artists, a Panel Discussion for experts, live sessions of portrait and caricature painting for the public as well as Art Book Café and a Collectors’ Lounge and more! This is ART and on a scale hard to imagine! Till you witness it!!

Calling on all professional and amateur photographers, we have our public initiative exhibition of photographs of the Millennium City, to be curated by renowned photographer Dinesh Khanna. So shoot! Capture! And frame! And put up for display. To be visited by photographers with an eagle’s eye, who knows, enquiries might just be made to the tune of “Now I wonder, who shot that….?”

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