THE LIVING ROOM by Kalki Koechlin

The Living Room

Kalki Koechlin is one of the handful of actresses in the country today who has undeniably achieved critical acclaim and commercial success in equal measure. Someone who can juggle a grandiose Karan Johar production with an artsy Margherita With A Straw, she has always been inclined away from the beaten path and towards the road less travelled; a philosophy that reflects in her off-beat choice of scripts.

Applauded for her calibre as an actress and the ability to portray realistic characters without superficial and exaggerated mannerisms, the roots of her acting prowess can be traced back to her love for theatre and the fact that she began her journey with veteran theatre actor-director Atul Kumar. It was only a matter of time before her own voice as an artist prodded her towards direction.

The Living Room marks Kalki’s first outing as a stage play director and has been creating waves in the theatre circuit since its debut at the Ranga Shankara theatre in Bangalore. This October, the Old World Theatre Festival brings this promising play to Delhi. A light-hearted story about the journey from life to death and everything in between, it is supported by a stellar cast (interestingly, the entire cast agreed to come on board after only one reading!) which is the icing on the cake! Sheeba Chadha* and Neil Bhoopalam cook up a dramatic feast for your senses as the protagonists.

A powerhouse of talent, Chadha* plays the central character of an old woman who is reluctant to make the transition from life to death and is obstinately hanging in between while Neil Bhoopalam matches her dialogue for dialogue as the physical manifestation of Death.. ..enough said?

Be sure to grab your tickets for this one!

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