Turn up the music, these kids will make you move to the beat

GURGAON: TOI’s Gurgaon for kids initiative took children on a party ride as Sumit Sethi, the seasoned Disc Jockey taught the kids the art of DJing at Epicentre.

The fifth day of the workshop saw about 30 children learning the art of entertaining partygoers with a mix of beats and sounds.

Sethi, who started DJing at the age of 16, had a lot to tell the kids.

“Music is universal. It has no religion or boundaries. When I decided to build my career in DJing, my parents didn’t support me. However, I worked hard for my passion,” he said.

Sethi started the workshop by teaching the children the basics of remixing sound tracks. The kids also got an opportunity to understand the working of DJ turntables. Moreover, they got to know about the budding scope in the field of DJing.

Fifteen-year-old Khush said, “I really enjoyed it and the best part was that he taught us the basics of mixing songs on console.”

“DJ Sumit was so inspirational. I really liked his style. Music was coming from his heart,” said another participant, Ishvi, 10.

Spinning the console through the night might seem a glamorous job, but it is not child’s play, the DJ said. He urged parents to encourage their children to take up a career in DJing.

“There is a lot of scope for DJing not just in India, but across the borders. People around the world love Bollywood music. So Indian DJs have tremendous scope. Parents’ perspective should change and children must be allowed to explore fields like DJing,” Sethi said.

The workshop left the aspiring artists with another promising career option.


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