Yashpal Sharma’s comedy drama staged in Gurgaon at Epicentre

MY HEART WILL GO ON! Yashpal Sharma (R) and Ritu Sharma

Times Of India, Gurgaon

Romcom drama: Gurgaonwallahs recently enjoyed a heart-warming performance by Yashpal Sharma when The Times of India presented Koi Baat Chale, a romantic comedy that has been staged in Delhi but was presented for the first time in Gurgaon, at Epicentre. Directed by Ramji Bali and produced by Theatre Wala, the Hindi play proved to be a laugh riot.

WOh ladki hai kahan? Yashpal, a noted theatre and film actor, essayed the role of the protagonist, Kanhaiya Lal Bansi Prasad, a 35-year-old unmarried drama teacher in a school. Kanhaiya’s longing for a life partner is fuelled by the taunts of his friends and their wives, but thanks to his shy nature, he has never been able to woo a woman. As a desperate measure he seeks the services of a marriage bureau but chances upon Supriya, portrayed by artiste Ritu Sharma, who is headed to the same bureau. Bowled over by her personality, he gives Pyarelal, essayed by Ramji Bali, the exact description of Supriya, hoping the bureau will get them hitched. Kanhaiya mentions special characteristics like a beautiful black mole on the left cheek right below the ear, and shinining eyes similar to what he had noticed on Supriya’s face. But, Pyarelal introduces him to many girls, all essayed by Ritu, with the same physical characteristics as Supriya, but not Supriya herself. Kanhaiya finally rejects all the candidates and decides to propose to Supriya. The play ends with the protagonist overcoming his nervousness and shyness to express his feelings.
Filmi touch: Not only did the three actors give a splendid performance, but the play was replete with funny dialogues in shuddh Hindi, which made the show an engaging watch. The play also had a filmi touch, thanks to the old romantic songs playing in the background. The standing ovation spoke volumes about how much the play was appreciated. “Being a light-hearted comedy interspersed with delightful moments, the show was charming, to say the least,” said Anwesha, a theatre aficionado.

The perfect Gurgaon audience: Ramji told us that he wrote the script two years ago after he read a short story on a Japanese teacher desperately looking for a bride. Theatre Wala has staged the play 17-18 times across the country since then. “There’s little scope of any improvisation in this character, but I just love playing it,” Yashpal told us. Speaking about the audience in Gurgaon, he said, “The audience here knew exactly where to be quiet and where to break into a laughter. And this venue is as good as Prithvi Theatres!”

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