When a serious ‘exchange of fire’ triggers a hearty laugh


Stand Up Comedy at Epicentre

Stand Up Comedy


Making people laugh for a living isn’t, contrary to perception, the easiest thing in the world. 

Being funny is as hard as writing, or data entry, or fixing software glitches. Which is why stand-up comedians have to be a little batty to get up on stage — for their gags might just fall flat. 

The likes of Maheep Singh, Zakir Khan, Abijit Ganguly, Amit Tandon and Jeeveshu Ahluwalia would have faced such nights. But they’ve all picked themselves up again, and returned with a skit that hit the funny spot with an unforgiving crowd.

These five were the stars in the second of the ‘Times LOL Tuesdays at Epicentre’ series, presented by The Times of India in association with the Grandmasters of Comedy. And the host for the evening was the engagingly irreverent (and irreverently engaging) Neeti Palta.

The latest Times LOL Tuesdays started off with the comedians (and comedienne) roasting each other mercilessly (and showing little regard for reputation), before moving on to the ad-lib rounds, a la ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ Much of the show was about who could improvise the best. All had their moments, and all slipped on the proverbial banana skin (an occupational hazard!).

From the bizarre to the downright vulgar, from the spicy to the salty, everything and everyone was fair game. There were no sacred cows. Ganguly and Tandon might not look the offending type but they were armed with a fair few affronts. Khan’s gags veered between PG and X-rated (he gave as good as he got!), Ahluwalia played with fire and was his usual scabrous self, while the deadpanning Maheep had the habit of saying little yet still evoking chortles aplenty.

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