Bollywood’s Birthday Bash

Friday, 21 Sep, Pioneer

Art Mart IV festival at Epicentre celebrates 100 years of Indian cinema through exhibitions and workshops. Ketan Mehta’s Rang Rasiya will also be screened. ByDivya Kaushik

Munni makes her popular move on a rickshaw, drawn by the famous Bollywood coolie (Amitabh Bachchan). Observe closely. Every part of the rickshaw, from its umbrella to the wheels, have been adorned with scenes from Dabangg. Seems like the Salman Khan starrer is artist Sanjay Verma’s favourite. His work visibly speaks of his fascination for the film.

Like Verma, other artists have got the opportunity to put on display, works inspired by Bollywood, Hollywood and various genres in popular and experimental cinema, at Epicentre Gurgaon.

The Art Mart festival, curated by Sushma Bahl, will begin at the venue from today.

Last year, the theme was recycling and reusing products. This time, it celebrates 100 years of Indian cinema. A selection of art works inspired by Bollywood, Hollywood and other cinema will be showcased, during a specially curated exhibition, titled Art n Cinema.

“We feature 20 artists,” explained Bahl, adding that Bollywood has always been an important subject for artists. There have been numerous examples from the fraternity, of people using Bollywood as their subject. Bahl added, “Husain started his career painting Bollywood poster. Recently artists like Anjana Kuthiala and Naresh Kapuria created paintings and installations, inspired by Bollywood. Cinema easily incorporates with art. All works displayed here remind us of posters and billboards. Some convey underlying messages. Through these works by contemporary artists, we intend to represent modern trends,” added Bahl.

Joydip Sengupta was in Kolkata when the work for this exhibition was commissioned.

Strolling down the streets of that city, he realised nothing would be better, than a comparison between Bollywood and Tollywood through image and painting. He replaced Tollywood posters, found commonly in Kolkata, with Bollywood ones. “Like Mumbai is to Bollywood, Kolkata is to Tollywood. People have the same passion for their stars. But its usually Bollywood that gets talked off. So I replaced the Tollygunge posters with Bollywood movie scenes,” said Sengupta.

He deliberately chose movies like Guzarish and Dhobhi Ghaat, commenting on changing cinema.

“The film industry is no longer ruled by tried and tested formulas. There are more though-provoking films by young directors today,” he stated.

Apart from this exhibition, there is an additional feature this year. His Master’s Choice will feature new art works by an invited group of emerging artists from around India, nominated by Bose Krishnamachari and Chintan Upadhyay. Their work will  be showcased at special stalls.

There will also be live painting sessions, allowing audience members to interact with painters, introductory art appreciation course and live performances on Bollywood songs. “The film Rang Rasiya directed by Ketan Mehta, based on the life of the legendary painter, Raja Ravi Varma will also be screened during the festival,” ended Bahl. The festival continues till September 23.

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