His paintings have medicinal properties

HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Gurgaon, September 17, 2012

Some paintings can heal, literally. If you have any doubts, ask veteran painter LR Gandhi. Gandhi is gearing up to display his paintings with healing quality at an exhibition, Art Mart, in Epicentre from September 21 to 23. Titled Medical Therapy, the exhibition is expected to draw curious art enthusiasts in the city. According to Gandhi, the paintings are created using photography, paints and real medicinal herbs, shrubs and flowers of plants like Sanjeevani that have therapeutic effects.

Gandhi claims it to be the first of its kind in India. “There are vibrations in these paintings which will help in healing,” said the painter.

The idea sprouted six months ago when Gandhi came across an article on Fortis Hospital which discussed about such a therapy. Conceptualising the idea was not difficult though. “Each painting took me a day. Putting my ideas down on canvas was easy because I knew what I wanted exactly,” added Gandhi, who will display 50 paintings and 10 photographs at the event.

Gandhi said, “I first clicked these flowers and herbs and printed them on the canvas. After that with paints and the paintbrush I created the reflections, vibrations, which give the painting a unique feel.”

Gandhi visited Sarahan and Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh and the Tulip Garden in Kashmir to shoot pictures of flowers. “My trip to Kashmir was taxing because the lifespan of tulips is 15 days. Besides, I was not allowed to take my car to many places,” said the artist.

The paintings are priced between Rs. 3000 to Rs, 50,000. “I have priced them low because I want everybody to be able to purchase them. I know it will help people,” he added.

In April, Gandhi plans to visit Brussels in Belgium to photograph the tulips there. “In Brussels, the garden is maintained in such a way that the tulips bloom throughout the year,” he said.

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