Upcoming artists to dominate Gurgaon art festival

Times Of India, Sep 10, 2012
GURGAON: It is the fall season when art and culture are once again brought into the popular focus, and the so-called ‘scene’ springs back to life after being away from the limelight for months. Appropriately, Gurgaon will host a slew of art exhibitions and theater productions this month. And from within this cultural mix comes the five-day art fest, Gurgaon Art Festival.

Beginning September 12, the festival will showcase the works of over 50 artists and sculptors from across the country, with names like Prithvi Soni, J M S Mani and Suhas Roy among the highlights. According to Maandavi S Sharma, art curator and organizer of the festival, events like these also play a crucial part to help cultivate the young and emerging talent in the field of art.

“Not many organizers of art exhibitions and festivals are fine with the idea of providing a platform to new artists. An art buyer is looking for big names. And if you decide to exhibit artists who aren’t well known, it remains a risky enterprise,” said Sharma. Around 40 such new artists will be a part of the Gurgaon Art Festival┬áthis year, and fresh requests for participation are still being sent in.

Apart from the main exhibition, which will be held at Gurgaon’s Epicentre, arrangements have also been made for side-activities for the casual visitors. Guests, for instance, will be allowed to flaunt their own brushwork and create their own canvases, while the in-house artists at the festival provide finishing touches to them. “I have also invited a specialist in clay modeling from West Bengal for those interested in learning this art form. We will also have art workshops for underprivileged children,” she said.

This will be the second edition of the festival, and Sharma says that last year’s ‘phenomenal response’ is expected to be repeated this year. “Gurgaon is very different from other cities when it comes to the art market. People here are not that concerned with an artist’s reputation. They are ready to buy art that is good, regardless of the names involved.” Canvases costing between Rs 15,000 to Rs 6 lakh will be up for grabs at the festival this week for those willing to shell out that kind of money. And organizers would be hoping that in a city like Gurgaon – where art lovers come with pockets deep enough – there should be no dearth of serious buyers.

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