Epicentre at Gurgaon

A cultural hub where dance, theatre, music, performances, exhibitions, lectures- erudite and otherwise, come together to present an eclectic experience of not just living but exhaling life. A space where the best of convention intermingles with delectable palate to provide a 360 degree experience of entertainment and entertaining at its best. A glassy high-rise, a tribute to style and standard, offering a multi-dimensional space that is optimally utilized to its best potential when simultaneously used – THIS is your one stop venue for a broad spectrum of lifestyle experiences, designated for that corner of NCR that is rapidly overshooting its central counterpart in its interactions with the world!

Epicentre! The focal locale for the denizens of the Millennium City. A milieu where you can dine and wine and avail exotic shopping offers and be a part of stimulating performances that will change the way you look at life forever.

Run by OWH, Epicentre offers a classy auditorium, an airy art gallery, a spacious amphitheatre, a restaurant offering a scrumptious fare, conference and banquet rooms studded with state of the art technology, and a 45000 sq. ft. exhibition hall offering space for the exploitation of unrestrained imagination- if you have it in you to display a project worth the space that the hall is!!

We launch this blog of Epicentre to give you a concurrent feel of what the space is all about- how you can infuse into your daily life that extra dash of spice that comes with uprooting yourself from your corporate hour chair and space-lifting yourself into a classy zone that bellows, “This is your space. Live it!”

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