Scientists or Historians, there is something for every child at Summer Workshops

A trip into the Ancient Civilization or an imaginary journey beyond Earth, the summer workshops at Epicentre are an interesting mix of different subjects. While the child can learn so much, it is not boring or drab.

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Ancient Civilizations

By Kkosh

June 25-28 | 10am-12:30pm

For 7-11yrs


The trip into the Ancient Civilization focuses on catapulting our eager learner into a qualified explorer. Beginning the journey in Africa at the mighty pyramids they experience the rise and fall of the Pharaohs and their intriguing yet grisly traditions. Moving on to discovering the Silk Route of China and the first open Channels of trade. To embrace the torch of Olympia and witness a righteous noble ceremony and finally off to  Ancient Rome to battle like a warrior with the attitude of “everything or nothing”.

Let’s Learn together the story of the metamorphosis of our Earth; of how the world and its people came to be the way they are today;  For to know where you are going, you must know where you are coming from.

Science Detectives

By Bhavna Rastogi

May 19-20 | 9:30am-10:30am

For 5-7yrs


This exciting science adventure is designed to develop children’s natural wonder and build a strong foundation for early science exploration. Kids will turn detectives as they capture their own fingerprints, learn how to analyse & identify fingerprints and play “whodunit”!

Space Odyssey

By Bhavna Rastogi

May 21-25 | 9:15am-10:15am

For 7-9yrs


Space Odyssey takes kids on an imaginary journey beyond Earth to the edge of the Solar System. They explore moons, dwarf planets, black holes, asteroids, comets, and galaxies. Young space enthusiasts learn about the latest developments in space exploration, the technology behind what astronauts wear, what they eat, and even how they bathe! Photographs, animated videos and hands-on games reinforce the learning experience.

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