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Let your kids off for some learning and fun with Summer Workshops at Epicentre. Limited Seats, registrations open so book now!

Bringing Life To Art

By The Pomegranate Workshop

May 28 – June 2 | 10am-1pm

For 10-14yrs


Bringing Life to Art too, has received its kudos from the Children’s Film Society of India: one of the films made at the July batch in 2011 was selected at the Competition level at the ICFFI under the ‘Little Directors’ Category!

Basic Animation can be accomplished without using any animation software. Bringing Life to Art is a workshop that introduces children to basic concepts, principles and techniques in Animation by experimenting with different styles and ideas in their own animated film. At the workshop, the children use paint, clay, paper cutouts, collage, chalk etc to discover a new medium of storytelling. They come up with creative ideas that are inspired as much by the materials at hand as their own imagination. They also watch short animated films from around the world, widening their horizons and augmenting their exposure to international art.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a conceptual adventure for the children to see their artworks transformed into life and motion, telling stories of their own making. Towards the end of the workshop, their works are edited into an animation film.

The Flying Carpet

By The Pomegranate Workshop

May 28 – June 2 | 3pm-5pm

For 6-10yrs


Simply put, The Flying Carpet is a workshop that’s out of this world! Launching forthwith to destinations unknown, The Flying Carpet is an exploration of various forms of art, writing and performance across different cultures of the world.

At The Flying Carpet, the children get to write Japanese Haiku poems and stories in the manner of Native American and African myth; sway their hips to exciting tribal dances; and discover terracotta clay modeling and exciting illustration styles by international artistsThe Flying Carpet promises exposure to entirely new forms of art, writing and performance for children through a fantastic journey that broadens the child’s own view of the world.

The workshops are conducted by established professionals in Art, Writing, Dance, Theatre, Traditional Arts and Crafts, etc.

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The Pomegranate Workshop™ is a venture that was set up four years ago to develop and deliver best in-class learning methodologies that focus on experiential learning and self expression in children and adults. Working with over 35 practicing professionals in the areas of visual art (contemporary artists), language arts (published writers), performing arts (theatre actor-directors), math, science and design to construct a variety of modules for children and adults, The Pomegranate Workshop™ focuses on blending self expression with techniques pertaining to various creative arts. The modules can and have been delivered in multiple languages.

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