When the tables turn


Life often brings us to situations when we hurt each other and can’t seem to help ourselves. On this truism hinges well-known theatre person Bubbles Sabharwal’s play “The See Saw”. Bubbles had penned the play in 2004, as a part of a collection of one act plays titled “Runaways and Other Plays”. It was staged seven years ago. And this Saturday, it returns to stage and Bubbles is obviously excited. “To see it grow from page to stage! I juggle many hats when writing because the playwright in me often is at crossroads with the director in me….and now I am acting too.” She admits the three roles are eternally in a tussle. “The playwright writes but the actress needs to personalise a role and rewords sentences to fit her tongue and sensibility.”

“The See Saw” features a young couple, Uday and Reshma, and sisters Mallika and Rina. The play chases the two stories but are tied with the same twine (read emotions): anger, resentment, childhood angst, love, hurt, the emotions that rule our lives. “Though different, eventually all stories run parallel to each other. The play is taken from the womb of real life and returns to it,” says Bubbles. In both the stories, she says, “One is dominating and the other is dominated. But one day the tables turn and the see saw swings precariously. At the end they accept each other and as the song, ‘I shall survive’ plays, the story resolves itself and the restaurant shuts for the day…the waiter waiting to hear another lot of people the next day.”

With time, she says, the roles have been tweaked a bit. “For example, Uday is completely different from the written text…today, he is yuppie, loves filmi music and woos his girlfriend with Bollywood songs and jokes. I feel the hallmark of any good script is when it can be staged anytime.” Bubbles promises to take the audience “into the heart of a contemporary play which reflects a slice of life, like looking in the mirror and laughing at ourselves!”

The See Saw, at Epicentre, Gurgaon, NCR; April 28, 7.30 onwards; Tickets, Rs. 150, 250, 350 (available at Epicentre).

Bottomline Life’s ups and downs caught on stage.



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