Are you eager to learn how to Spring Clean Your Skin?

For most women a day at the salon or spa is the only way to take care of their skin. Although visiting spas and salons is very appealing but often charge heftily. What makes sense is learning the basic regime that works wonders for your skin, and then professional treatments can always be an add-on.

Most of the ingredients that help the skin glow and look great are all readily available in your home. However, the trick lies in knowing what to do with them and how? Thinking of unique combinations can be tough, but you can learn them in a workshop by Natural Beauty Expert Suparna Trikha on March 24th and 25th March, 11:00 am- 1:30 pm.

Suparna Trikha did most of her schooling from Cheshire, England and finished her education in India with Masters in English. Having always been very closely associated with nature whether in British countryside or at her mothers birthplace, Mussoorie, Suparna frequently found herself collecting herbs and flowers from an early age and studying about them.

She was extensively involved with working with a well known beauty expert for many years. However, during this period she realized that there was a growing consciousness in the beauty business as to how herbal products really were? With this concept she started India’s first 100% natural skin and hair center-“ Suparna’s Aaveda”, dealing with skin and hair problems the natural way, without the use of any chemical or synthetics.

Suparna has been a regular beauty columnist with The Telegraph,Savvy,Sahara,Sun and Grehlaxmi as well as giving expert advice to leading magazines like Femina, Times of India, Hindustan Times,Cosmopolitan,Prevention,Marie Claire,etc..

She has also done a series of programmes on various Indian channels and was approached by the BBC to do an exclusive programme on her work. Suparna is the only beauty expert in India to get the cover credits for designing the cover of the prestigious Time magazine in its special issue -50years of freedom.

She sincerely believes that there is a global movement, “Back to Nature” and realises that even the entire Western community was moving back to nature, eco-friendly life-styles and stress-free healthy environments.

Suparna was honoured with the “Rajdhani Rattan Award” in January 1998 for ‘her outstanding performance and excellence in her chosen field of activity’. She is the youngest successful entrant into the beauty business and the sole natural beauty expert.

Suparna has done extensive research work in the Kumaon and Garhwal areas of the Himalayas region where she is also starting a Natural Rejuvenation Centre based at Raniket in Kumaon.She has also written a book for Harper Collins-The Harper Collins Book of Natural Skin Care published in 1999. She also teaches meditation through Aromatherapy and organizes corporate workshops for destressing,

The session at Epicentre, is interactive and personalized that enables you to identify/recognize and learn how to look after different types of skins, natural and herbal products and their usage. What’s interesting is learning how to create your own scrubs to exfoliate and nourish.

Learn how to switch things up a bit and ditch harsh chemicals. It is time to experiment with flowers, fruits, herbs and other things from your kitchen for a perfect complexion. You have no idea how strawberries, lemon, milk or vinegar can really work for your skin. Suparna Trikha will help you identify your skin type and tell you what works for you and what doesn’t. What’s best is after learning all this you wouldn’t need to spend a fortune on cosmetics or professional treatments all the time.

Revitalize and cleanse your skin, making it ready for season change and thereafter.Register for the workshop @ Rs 1000 and update your beauty rituals.

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