‘Everything You Wanted To Know’ Workshop For Gardening Enthusiasts by Tarun Mal on 18th & 19th Feb

Unlimited ideas for Limited Spaces

The weather eventually is getting better, and it’s a perfect mix of not so hot or cold temperatures. Imagine your terrace gardens lush under the perfect sunlight, or the slow winds caressing your kitchen herbs on the window. Here’s a chance to turn your imagination into reality!

After much head scratching or reading different materials, if you still haven’t been able to learn the best techniques of gardening. This is now your time to participate in the most innovative and interactive workshop “Everything You Wanted To Know” for Gardening Enthusiasts by Tarun Mal, a self-taught, practicing horticulturist.

The first session on 18th Feb at 11:00am – 12:30pm, is for you to get an Overview of Urban Gardening. Learn everything from seeds to bloom, from planting to pruning. This will be followed by Q & A session, where you can clear all your doubts.

Then Session 2 between 2:00pm – 4:00pm, helps you discover facts to Know your Soil. It is going to about understanding different types of soils, preparing pots, and laying the ground.

Registration fee: Rs.500 per session. Limited seats so register early.

The first session on 19th Feb, session 3 between 11: 00am – 12:30pm, know interesting things about Plant Clinic – Lecdem. From pre – potting, propagation, pruning, nutrition and disease management, you can also bring your ailing plant and get it diagnosed.

Then session 4 between 2:00pm – 4:00pm, one of the most interesting sessions where you can Plan Your Own Kitchen Garden herbs, vegetables and other yummy things.

Registration fee: Rs.500 per session. Limited seats so register early.

After you learn the best techniques of urban gardening and related stuff, you will be equipped to plant your own garden, make existing plants healthier and a lot more. Soon you will witness your own beautiful plants and herbs burst open in spring!

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