A journey of relations. By Chetna Dua, Hindustan Times, New Delhi, Jan 21, 2012

How about a dramatic take on the new-age trend of easy divorce? Exploring the changing needs of a contemporary relationship of a man and a woman, is the play,  Hum Safar, presented by a Mumbai-based theatre company, Essay Communications. The play also marks ten years of the company.

Being staged for the first time in Gurgaon at Epicentre this weekend, the play explores the journey of a couple after divorce. They meet at many unplanned moments and create a new bonding with each other by the end. Written by Javed Siddiqi, the story is told in a light-hearted manner, and interspersed with poems by Gulzar in his own voice.

“In this age of fast food, we are equally quick in getting a divorce actually just a piece of paper. But are you actually able to divide your friends, children and family once you sign the paper,” asks Lubna Salim producer of the play.

“The play is a reflection of what is happening in the society around us without being judgemental about it,” says Salim Arif, the director of the play.

While TV actor Harsh Chhaya plays Sameer, a creative writer, Lubna Salim plays his wife Sonal in the play.

“It is rare for two people to hold the stage for two hours, but this story makes it possible,” says Chhaya.

A couplet by Gulzar Kitna asaan hota, rishtey agar hote libaaz, aur badal lete kameezon ki tarah, plays when the couple is at crossroads in their relationship, aptly reflecting the psychology of gen next.

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