‘Karva Chauth’ celebrations for the first time at Epicentre, and a delightful Ghazal evening!

Happy Karva Chauth!

At Epicentre, holding our traditions strong we invite all the ladies from Gurgaon for ‘Karva Chauth’ celebrations on 15th October- Saturday. Punjab’s well-known folk artist Madanbala Sindhu and Tamasha group will be reciting the Katha. Clad in your beautiful outfits, drenched in festivity, come with your decorated thalis to celebrate this auspicious occasion 4:00 pm onwards. The narration of the story of karva chauth and associated folk music by Madanbala Sindhu is going to be a rare experience that you must not miss!

Handed-down from many generations is the festival of Karva Chauth, when all the married women keep fasts for their husbands. The ritual is purely performed out of love and devotion for the husband. It follows from the tale of a woman named Karva, who got her husband’s life back from Yama (the God of Death) after he was caught by a crocodile. Steadfast beliefs and traditional values, the name ‘Karva Chauth’ is aptly derived because it falls on the fourth day after the moon light before Diwali

With time, Karva Chauth has gained more importance rather than just being a traditional fast. Many men join their women in this practice, and many unmarried women observe this fast praying for a prosperous life ahead. Whatever the reasons maybe, coming together of loved ones calls for a celebration. That’s why on this day at 7:30 pm onwards at Epicentre, there is Yeh Raat, Yeh Chandni Phir Kahan…An evening of ghazals and melodies bySadaa Thakur and Masoom Thakur.

Just get together on this special day, pray for a prosperous future, and enjoy a delightful evening!

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