During summer months we all crave ice creams and cool foods but before you know it a few extra kilos come by. So, the idea is to beat the heat but not with calories. We all know about the fruits and vegetables, the grains and greens that are supposed to fill our plates. And most of us try to eat them but doesn’t that always end up in steamed broccoli or apple, homemade salads meal after meal. This makes healthy eating a chore.  But innovatively put together, THE HEALTHY SUMMER MENU at Drift not only encourages you to eat right during the warmer months, but also nudges you to sample some amazingly potent coolers this summer!

Leaping into the new size-zero trend, we are not swearing by it but certainly encouraging healthy eating. Filled with curiosity, our chef wanted to design a menu that is perfect for the summer months and not heavy on the stomach. Every dish in the continental menu is carefully crafted in less oils and spices qualifying for the list of non-fattening foods.

Using the more evolved methods of cooking, braising and poaching are the techniques used specially to craft these dishes. It is very interesting to note that braising and poaching are both methods of moist cooking which typically refers to cooking food with, or in, any type of liquid, whether it is water, steam, wine or something else. With braising, the item is first seared or sautéed then partially covered with liquid and simmered down. With this, the maximum flavor and nutritive value of the foods is retained. Poaching is the first stage of cooking before simmering and boiling. It is typically used for delicate items.  Not only does poaching help the food to cook properly but retains all its nutrients well making it a healthy choice.

A careful assortment of healthy options like Wasabi Marinated Tandoori Chicken, Pan Seared Watermelon with Sundried Tomato and Feta Cheese Salsa, Chilled Butter Milk with Celery Soup, Tofu and Lemon Pudding, Fruit Jelly with White Wine Reduction and lots more is ready. If you’ve forsaken the joy of eating fruits because of different reasons… you don’t need to anymore as we have used a variety of fruits in our menu only to make sure it helps you beat the heat.

Encapsulating summer in a menu, our beverages are a perfect excuse to chill. Purple Cloud Smoothie, Spicy Beer, Summer Tea, Pineapple Chilli Margarita and many more…are the trusted quintessential summer flavors! If you’re worried about the high calories hidden behind a tall frosty glass…we assure you that just isn’t much! The icy treat these drinks offer is far more crucial than the calorie count. The best bet for the summer season, the drinks not only taste super good but also are refreshing and healthy.  Have it once and you will know that it is tough to go through summers without these tall fruit-packed drinks and others.

So just come in at Drift to enjoy a wide variety of nutrient dense with gourmet twists…time for flavorful but healthy eating!

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