Holi Ke Rang Phoolon Ke Sang

The festival Holi erases all your worries
as you play with colorful flurries and
indulge in sweets, drinks and numerous curries…

HOLI is a time when we bid goodbye to winter and embrace the warm weather. The original reason for celebrating this unique festival is much of a spiritual affair, another testimony of good winning over bad. Going back to history, there are many legends that have tried to explain the significance of this festival . But, the one associated with the demon King Hiranyakashyap who wanted his kinship to follow him religiously is the most dominant one. However his own son Prahlad became an ardent follower of Lord Vishnu. Holika, who was the sister of the demon king was immune to fire so she took Prahlad along into the fire thinking it could never damage her.

As we all know that how a sinner can never escape unhurt holds true for this case as well. Holika paid a price for her wrong doings and Prahlad was rewarded for his honest devotion. Thus, apart from all the other reasons why we love celebrating Holi, the original reason should never be sidelined. Its lovely how its significance subtly tells us to do good.

A night before the main day bonfires are lit only as a symbol of  the fire destructing the evil. And the next day you wake up to smudges of pink and yellow on your face and its not make-up from last night… this festival is all about colors connoting life, energy and celebration.

How we celebrate the colorful fiesta is a little different as we combine tradition and festivity the best!

On March 19th a traditional ‘HOLI KE RANG PHOOLON KE SANG’ is scheduled at Epicentre on March 19th 7 pm onwards.  A vibrant mix of culture, food, tradition, festivity will all unfurl. Traditional Holi with flower petals by Charkula Arts Academy along with taste ticklers like meethi ghujia, bedmi aaloo bhaji, kanji pakora, ghobi gajar shalgam achaar with papri, malpua with narangi sauce, thandai and more…

Only at Rs 800 per person all  inclusive for dinner and drinks

Only at Rs 500 per person all  inclusive for snacks and drinks

Only at Rs 400 per child  up to 12 years of age all  inclusive

What’s in store during the day for Rs 800 all inclusive is dinner and drinks, for Rs 500 is snacks and drinks and Rs 400 for children.

Be there to experience a celebration like never before. Call 9810059550 for details

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