9th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival is back!

The vibrant, dynamic, vivacious theatre festival of puppets is back again to the fore!!

The 9th Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival, kickstarts on 4th Feb. at Epicentre. The place promises to lend itself to the colours and vibrant, energetic, pulsating rhythm of larger than life puppets as they walk around in their huge armory of multi-coloured turbans and patch work kaftaans, paper mached houses, fishing in satin yards of river, roping in bob-bon coloured fishes, the been baja, the flying snakes, swans made of minutely threaded handiwork, and much much more..! This is imagination plus creativity that results in one of its kind festival across the world- The Ishara Puppet Festival!

The Puppets and their compatriots take over the place for a week. Puppets from India, Indonesia, Israel, Turkey, Britain, Spain and Holland walk the earth to meet at the Centre! Founder Dadi Pudumjee leads this jingbang of puppeteers, artists, actors, dancers. From visual poems to folklore, to satire, to myths, to stories with a mission, Ishara leaves no stone unturned as it strives to touch a chord in the hearts of adults and kids alike.

Watch the legendary Emperor of the classic fairytale The Emperor’s New Clothes come alive as he struts past in his pretentiousness, Sita’s abduction by Ravan rouses the wrath of our little souls, the Death of Ravan- a sense of justice honoured and respected, the rain bird who hunts for the trees that are no more and that have taken her song away with them, the garbage monster who desperately points out the imminent ecological disaster, the red balloon who thinks and feels as much as you and me, the little prince who sets out to discover a world out of his cocoon, the pregnant earth and the snake charmers with their Dalmatians and so much more!

Music to inspire the soul, imagination to spur you on the path that goes to the moon, creativity to delight the senses, colours to magnify your vision- live the festival as in the blink of an eye you realize you are sitting next to a gigantic puppet who turns around with a beatific smile and pulls you closer to him!

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