Times Of India, Gurgaon – RESIDENTS SUFFER ART ATTACK – Rajiv Bhatia

The people of this town have found art – to buy, to display, to cherish and to keep, much like the family heirlooms. DT on how Gurgaon is slowly turning into a city of art lovers who are visiting different painting exhibitions these days.

If residents of Gurgaon are building swanky houses, buying stylish cars, they are also appreciating and buying ‘A’ ‘R’ ‘T’. So the town which did not know culture is finding it. And helping them find it is Epicentre, the so called cultural lung of the city of skyscrapers.
Art Mart was another such effort in this direction – more precisely Art Mart II, the second edition or the second production. The people of this town have found art – to buy, to display, to cherish and to keep, much like the family heirlooms. And if, on the way, there is a windfall, the more the merrier!
It brought together the artists and the art galleries on a platform to interact with the observer or the buyer – to give an insight to the people on the meaning of the word ‘art’ Fifty one participants – including one sponsored by Habitat Centre from Dar es Salaam – who, incidentally, is of Indian origin. Rukshan Krishna, who runs an art gallery in Mumbai was there, and so was Amit, a keen photographer with his numerous ‘locks’ and so was Divya Dandona from Sushant Lok with glazed ceramics. Though the organizers claimed that the exhibitors had sold about 5 pieces each, the stall owners said that though they had received a lot of enquiries, the sale had not been so much.

Puja Gupta, an ex-professional, says that she used to go to Delhi to look at art, which became a passion with her and so she opened a gallery of her own in her flat in sector 30 – in the process encouraging budding artists.

Along with the display were other art related activities like an art appreciation course, artist’s workshop, films on artists and by artists, an introductory hands on training course in painting, a training course in photography ‘Snap it Up’ and an ‘on the spot’ painting competition for children. While the competition was attended by children of the enthusiasts, Kusum Kohli who runs an NGO school for under privileged children was there with her students – the real budding artists -  and they also bagged prizes. She was happy at the fact that art as a cultural is catching up fast in the Millennium City. And she was not really laying it on thick.

Muzu Sulemanji was there from Tanzania, the only foreigner who claims that his family is there for the last 103 years, though he brings forth his Indian roots. He had got along a vast collection of contemporary African art from the local artists.
Epicentre is a continuous effort to make Gurgaon a culturally more vibrant city. Numerous film shows, theatres, art gallery are the need of the hour to rejuvenate the jaded soul of the city.

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