Gardish Mein Taare Starring Sonali Kulkarni & Arif Zakaria @ EPICENTRE!

Gardish Mein Taare

Gardish Mein Taare

Directed by: Saif Hyder Hasan

Cast:  Sonali Kulkarni & Arif Zakaria

Language: Hindi

Duration: 80 mins

Helmed by Sonali Kulkarni and Arif Zakaria, Gardish Mein Taare is the second installment of a trilogy based on artistes, unfulfilled love, music and death by Saif Hyder Hasan, the first being Ek Mulaqaat (based on Sahir Ludhianvi and Amrita Pritam’s love story). Based in the 50s, the play deals with the married couple Dev Dutt, a successful filmmaker and Bhavna, a noted singer, who mostly sings only in her husband’s films. After a point of time, their relationship starts deteriorating as Dutt is more inclined towards films and has no time for his wife. The rest of the play deals with its consequences while providing an ode to the films and filmmakers of the bygone era.

Gardish Mein Taare is a tribute to the creatively volatile era of Hindi cinema of the 1950s. It owes its genesis to the mad, passionate people who forsook everything for the one thing they believed in – cinema. Somewhere, it is also inspired by the turbulent times and relationship shared by two creative geniuses – Guru Dutt and his wife Geeta Dutt.

Watch Gardish Mein Taare for the sheer musicality of unfulfilled love. Watch it for the tribute of the 1950s. Watch it for love. Watch it with love.

Date: 2nd July 2016

Time:  5:00 pm and 7:30 pm

Tickets at Rs. 2050, 1550 & 1050 available at the venue. Book Now- 

Suitable for 15 years & above

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