Directed by: MS Sathyu

Produced by: Impresario Asia

Language: Urdu/Hindi

Duration: 110 mins

The play, considered a modern classic, explores the life and times of Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Emperor Shah Jehan, who translated the Upanishads into Persian. Dara Shikoh is not just the story of a historic betrayal. It is the story of the eldest son and heir apparent to Mughal emperor Shah Jehan, a great visionary, a man who understood the depth of Indian civilization with an evolved race by taking and advocating the spiritual route, which is the bedrock of Indian civilization. It is also the story of the great man’s betrayal and his brutal end brought about by his fundamentalist brother Aurangzeb.

The play avoids the palace intrigues and concentrates upon Dara’s Sufi leanings as also upon his translation of the Upanishads into Persian. The story of Dara Shikoh’s life re-asserts the message that the composite culture of India cannot afford fundamentalism of any kind. Unity lies in diversity.

Catch this riveting Mughal-era production exclusively at Epicentre this weekend!

Date: 16th April 2016

Time:  7:30 pm

Tickets at Rs. 500, 300 & 200 available at the venue. Book Now- https://goo.gl/2D4fCZ

Suitable for 12 years & above


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