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THE LIVING ROOM by Kalki Koechlin

The Living Room

Kalki Koechlin is one of the handful of actresses in the country today who has undeniably achieved critical acclaim and commercial success in equal measure. Someone who can juggle a grandiose Karan Johar production with an artsy Margherita With A Straw, she has always been inclined away from the beaten path and towards the road […]

Old World Theatre Festival 2015

Old World Theatre Festival 2015 at Epicentre

“Art is a means of intensifying and enjoying life, it’s the greatest tool of self discovery, and hence you should make an attempt to be a part of theatre at least once in a life time. It is immaterial whether you take part as an actor or an audience as both is incomplete without each […]

Labyrinth of Lies and Laughter

Rishi Mehta has never been bound by rules. On the contrary, he’s broken many. Having said that, there is one rule he lives by—entertaining people till their smiles reach their ears. In his play, Run for Your Wife, of which he is the director, Mehta delights the audience with a romantic comedy about living life […]

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