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By BHUMIKA POPLI | Sunday Guardian Live Bhangra tunes, Gidda beats, bonfire, puffed rice, peanuts, rewadi, ghajak, popcorns, sarson da saag, makki di roti and jaggery. Sounds familiar? Come Lohri, the festival of harvest and there are celebrations all over the city. Primarily a Punjabi festival, Lohri is celebrated all over the country and in some […]


  Director: M. Sayeed Alam Writer: Salman Khurshid Language: Hindustani Cast: Tom Alter, Niti Phool, Harish Chhabra and others Duration: 105 minutes Sons of Babur, written as a drama by Salman Khurshid and translated into Urdu by author Professor Ather Farooqui is the first ever play on the era and aura of the Mughals. The audience effortlessly […]

Lohri Celebrations at Epicentre

  Jazz up your Lohri celebrations this year at Epicentre with resounding folk music and sumptuous dishes that will give you a hearty bite of Punjab! Our crackling bonfire will warm you up as you spend your evening swaying to the beats of popular music by eminent artists and relish authentic Punjabi delicacies like Sarson […]

Predicaments of a Partnership

By The Sunday Standard Published: 20th Dec 2015 Her thoughts are powerful. Her medium even more so. When she sets a script to stage, just like she’s doing with her upcoming play Vidambana, Gouri Nilakantan’s determination to express it explicitly takes precedence over all other thoughts that knock the doors of her restless mind. She must be […]

Vidambana- an adaptation of Nag Bode’s Kirti Vikriti

Director: Gouri Nilakantan Cast: Gouri Nilakantan, Sachin Arora, Praveen Panchal, Sandeep Naysrania, Farhad Colabawala, Yogendra Singh Language: Hinglish Duration: 105 minutes Gouri Nilakantan is best-known for her contribution to the development of theatre in India through PACT (Platform for Action in Creative Theater) which has been working as a facilitating platform for budding theater actors […]

This Xmas, Catch Theatrical Masterpieces at Epicentre!

Theatre buffs are in for a treat this Christmas! Catch two of Saleem Shah’s best plays at Epicentre on 25th December; we have ‘Insey Miliye’ at 5:00 pm and ‘Man Disposes, God Proposes’ at 7:30 pm to light up your winter evening. Both these plays have been adapted and directed by the theatre veteran himself […]

BBQ Cook-out and Christmas Carnival @ Epicentre!

Start your much-needed long weekend with a hearty barbeque cookout at Epicentre, a perfect way to commence the Christmas festivities! Have your very own barbeque party with quality food and drinks and live music to set the mood. Groups of six or more can opt for a personalized BBQ Grill along with customized marinades while […]

Jokey Or Nothing: Stand-Up Comedy at Epicentre

Date: 23rd December Time: 7:30pm Language: Hinglish Duration: 70 minutes Comedians: Aakash Gupta, Amit Sharma, Pratyush Chaubey & Srijan Kaushik There’s nothing like a dose of comedy right in the middle of the week. Four comedians from Delhi come together to entertain the hell out of Gurgaon at Epicentre! Finding a humorous side in everything […]


Produced by: Kommune Curated by: Roshan Abbas Language: English Duration: 90 minutes Suitable for 16 years & above The ancient art of storytelling formed a significant part of Indian culture in the past. Storytellers were often nomads who brought news from other parts of the world and many were commissioned by kings to bring stories […]


  Director, Scriptwriter & Cast: Saleem Shah Language: Hinglish Genre: Comedy Duration: 80 minutes Saleem Shah has reinforced his identity as a force to be reckoned with in the world of acting time and again. Well-versed with the ingredients of a successful performance across films, television and theatre, the veteran infuses ingenuity and finesse into […]

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