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The Old World Theatre Festival 2016 is reaffirming its vision with a spectacular assemblage of the finest theatre in India today! Plays that entertain and provoke, plays that question and span a gamut of issues from relationships, freedom and gender stereotypes, religion and faith, eroding ecosystems and assaults on sustainable agriculture and rural livelihood all […]


Theatre buffs in Delhi NCR have a reason to rejoice, theatre weekend is back at Epicentre with two diverse plays on 20th and 21st August! While Ishwar Shunya’s Hindi play Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai looks at human values such as sense of commitment, pain, agony, ecstasy and turmoil faced by us, Once Upon a Time […]

Oh My Ribs- The Comedy Collective @ EPICENTRE!

Prod: Curtain Call Productions Comedians: Amit Sharma, Prakhar Pramod, Pratyush Chaubey and Kishore Dayani Language: Hinglish Duration: 90 mins Time and again it has been re-iterated that laughter is the best medicine. After a hectic week, what better way to herald your much-needed weekend than with a 90-minute session of laughter therapy? With seasoned comedians who have […]

Run For Your Wife @ EPICENTRE!

Directed by: Rishi Mehta Language: Hinglish Duration: 105 mins Behroopiya Entertainers Presents Run for your wife, the world’s longest running and one of the funniest theatre comedies ever written. This British farce written by Ray Cooney has been specially adapted for the Indian audience. Richard Briers and Bernard Cribbins took the lead roles in the […]

Gardish Mein Taare Starring Sonali Kulkarni & Arif Zakaria @ EPICENTRE!

Directed by: Saif Hyder Hasan Cast:  Sonali Kulkarni & Arif Zakaria Language: Hindi Duration: 80 mins Helmed by Sonali Kulkarni and Arif Zakaria, Gardish Mein Taare is the second installment of a trilogy based on artistes, unfulfilled love, music and death by Saif Hyder Hasan, the first being Ek Mulaqaat (based on Sahir Ludhianvi and Amrita […]


Theatre aficionados in Delhi NCR have a reason to rejoice; Epicentre is treating you to three amazing plays on three consecutive days! Start off your happy weekend with Enemy Of The People on 17th, follow it up with director Kuldeep Kunal’s Misprint on 18th and end it with a bang on the 19th with Do […]

Jaagte Raho! The Clown In Us @ EPICENTRE!

Directed by: Swati Mohan Prod: Danza Performing Arts Performers Language: English, Hindi Duration: 60 mins Danza Performing Arts was started in 2008 to help one find his/her own voice in the deep and broad spectrum of performing arts where possibilities are endless. At Danza, dance is the main source of creative energy; the vision for […]

Delhi- Ciously Chekhov Starring Legendary Actor Tom Alter!

Directed by: Raj Upadhyay Cast: Tom Alter, Sumit Gulati, Pranav Sachdeva, Prajvi Bagga, Nirmal Kothari, Ashok Dhawan, Utsav Narula Language: Eng-bi-lingual Duration: 90 mins Delhi-Ciously Chekhov is essentially an adult comedy, and Tom Alter believes that the audience in Delhi is adaptive and becoming increasingly receptive to different genres. “I have been performing here for the […]


Written by: Bhisham Sahni Directed by: Seema Bhargava Pahwa Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah, Seema Bhargava Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma, Heeba Shah, Mayank Pahwa & Manukriti Pahwa Language: Hindi Duration: 145 mins with 10 min interval The late Bhisham Sahni was a Hindi writer, playwright and actor of unmatched calibre, most famous for his novel and television screenplay Tamas, a […]

HARD TIMES at Epicentre

Language: Hindi Musical Duration: 90 mins Charles Dickens novel of the same name highlighting the social and economic pressures of his time became one of his most loved and popular works.  The story remains relevant even today as it highlights the importance of imagination, emotion and compassion as part of the education for life. The […]

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